Rules for Respecting Our Neighbors:

Discretion Policy Reminder for those attending events at The Looking Glass. Please read carefully.

This is a friendly reminder to please be discreet around our space. We are stepping up measures to ensure good relations with our neighbors and with building management. Please read over the following list for clarity on what discretion means for us:

  1. Do the best you can to know where we are located and double check you have the right unit number before knocking or entering. We have a “girls rule” sign in the window. If you get lost, please use your phone to pull up directions that would have been emailed to you or call the number that has been provided. If you're at all unsure of the location, DO NOT knock on anyone's door or go to the front desk looking for information.

  2. Dress appropriately for being in our neighborhood which includes families and others. If you're wearing something a little skimpy or super flashy, please bring a long coat to wear over that.

  3. Don't congregate outside our unit. If you need to make a call or smoke a cigarette please either take a walk around the corner or go to your car.

  4. Please do not engage in extended conversations with strangers on the street. If someone does question you regarding our unit, please DO NOT mention the name The Looking Glass. If you feel inclined to answer, please respond politely and accurately by saying that you're attending a private function and walk away. If anyone engages you in a manner that seems inappropriate, tell your host.

  5. Wait until you are inside to pull out your wallets.

  6. Do not let anyone in yourself.  If someone knocks to enter, please notify your host to answer the door.

  7. If you see the curtain is open or stuck outside the door, please bring it in and close it completely. This helps us protect our privacy.

    1. Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you!